My second ‘Points of Audition’ interview

This interview with Lynn Dowsett is about different forms of dialogue between people, drawing in her experience of hearing loss and practising Gestalt psychotherapy and social work.

Again,  I have tried to reflect the mood in the conversation with  music, and drawn some of the effects of hearing loss that she described with sound.

I am NOT happy at all with my audio editing in this, which was rushed and it really, really shows!  I also want to do another mix of the music, too, with more in the way of dynamic shaping and less in the way of clarinet.  However, this will have to wait for a quiet moment and it would be a shame to take it down and lose Lynn’s insights in the meanwhile, so I ask you to put up with it as it is for now!!

Points of Audition episode 2: Lynn

The next interview is with Church of England vicar, Rev Alan Stewart.

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