My first binaural recording…

… In which:

– I am in my garden and my neighbour is mowing the lawn.
– A car on the road outside goes by.
– I click my fingers by each ear to check it is working. It is!
– I walk into my garden and we start to pick up my other neighbours’ music.
– I do some heavy footsteps.
– I stand by some bushes with the breeze in them (quite quiet).
– I unzip my children’s trampoline (on the right) and do one bounce on it.
– I go to my tiny apple tree, pick one and have a munch!
-Realising how loud the apple sounds, I chuckle and turn my recording machine down.
– I try a few running footsteps.
– I try some heavy breathing.
– I go back into my kitchen where my husband has the oven on and the fan is noisy.

Nothing mind-blowing, but as it’s my first I thought I’d share it anyway!

If you listen on headphones you’ll hear the effect. If you listen on speakers, it will just sound like any other recording.

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