Even more on The Hidden People… episode 15

The new Hidden People is released and is perhaps the most fun I’ve had with sound design yet! I also really enjoyed writing musical comments to weave with the sound throughout.

Some geeky facts:

– At the time of writing, this was the largest ever digital audio project I had built, with 244 tracks (though reduced to a mere 237 after directors’ notes!). This has just been exceeded by episode 18, however…

– Fenrir’s tooth extraction was a 20 pence piece scraped on a brick. The tooth fairy had just visited one of my sons so I did think about using a real tooth, but it seemed a bit gross.

– I got to combine 6 different themes from the series in one continual piece of musical underscore in the last few scenes, keeping one beat going throughout, to give the sense of an inevitable pull towards an outcome.

– The seagull you hear as Mackenna and Shaylee abseil down the cliff was from a crazy, prolonged, determined quest for one while on holiday on the Dorset coast in April. It took a lot of time to get one close-up, but it was a beauty. I had no idea when I added it to my sound bank that our seagull friend would be immortalised so quickly!

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