I have been a musician all my life.

After being invited to compose and direct the music for a new play in 2015, I moved towards creative sound and music, focusing in particular on animation and audio productions.

I then completed a master’s degree in Music and Sound for Film and Games.

My special interest is the power of sound to tap into subconscious processes and convey subjective experiences. I work closely with directors to explore first-person points of view by merging music and soundtrack.

I am a proud member of Inscape Animations, a group of three women who use drawn animation with immersive sound and music to address global issues such as war, migration and climate change. We aim to explore complex ideas and challenge xenophobic narratives.

I work part-time as a showrunner for leading audio fiction company Rusty Quill.

Currently in production

I am the composer and sound designer for the long-form dark modern fantasy The Hidden People, by Dayton Writers Movement. (Composer, Sound Designer, Season 3 Mixer)

Shattered, by Lesser of Two Weevils, is a creatively produced audio documentary series about historical sound recording, and is due to release in 2022. (Composer)

Apollyon, by Observer Pictures, is a science fiction series. (Composer, Music Supervisor)

Recent work

The Transposition of Chloe Bronte, a twelve-episode lo-fi sci-fi (sorta) rom-com audio drama by William Meyer. (Composer)

Delivery of an Alarm Clock, for Dashingly Quirky. (Composer)

Catharsis, a short-form audio drama about grief, by Dayton Writers Movement (Composer)

Roots, by Inscape Animations, funded by Network for Social Change, the UK Quakers and private donations, explores human migration in the context of our shared history, for educational and advocacy purposes (Composer, Sound Designer)

Suspended, made by Inscape Animations for charity Herts Welcomes Refugees (Composer, Sound Designer)

Customs, Highway Chile, Reminisce With Me, Fidget, Breathless and Wolpertingers, for 11th Hour Audio Productions, 2019, 2020 and 2021 (Composer)