Awards, Reviews and Testimonials

Suspended won one of the Draw/Camberwell prizes to be shown at the Draw Art Fair (Saatchi Gallery). In choosing it, the judges cited “the film’s story, the collaboration involved in its creation and of course the epic effort that must have gone into the drawing”.

Sadly, the 2020 show was cancelled because of COVID19, and took place on Instagram instead. Here is the post.

Here is a lovely review of Suspended.

Suspended was a finalist at the Film Only Film Festival 2020. The festival’s director has added a ‘Favourite Animation’ award this year, directly inspired by Suspended.

Alphabet, written by Leslie McMurtry, read by Sarah Golding, scored by me, and produced by all three of us, won gold tier status at the HEAR Now festival.

I’ve been nominated for eleven Audio Verse Awards in the past three years and am a finalist in two categories in this year’s awards.